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Did you know?

If it were harnessed properly, enough sunlight falls on the earth in one hour to meet world energy needs for a whole day.

Here in Northeast Indiana, we have a lot of wide open spaces.


And, for anyone who has visited our neighbors in northwest Ohio, it is clear that the utility companies long ago realized that wind power is an important part of our present and future energy generation. 

Small-scale wind power for your home and business is also available, and can make a great complement to a solar system for property owners with at least ½ acre of open land. 

Research has confirmed our common experience: the wind blows more on those blustery gray days, but less when the sun is shining.  Off-grid or grid-independent homes and businesses can take advantage of this dichotomy by marrying wind with solar.  Statistically speaking, the average variation in daily power production is much lower for a wind-and-solar property, as compared to a property with wind or solar alone.  This reduction in daily fluctuations can lead to savings by:

  • Allowing for a smaller battery bank specification in the off-grid or grid-independent system;

  • Requiring less generator run time for systems that use generator power; and/or

  • Reducing use of, and reliance upon, grid power.

Solar Fort Wayne stands ready to help design small-scale wind systems in addition to solar for property owners desiring truly independent power generation. 

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