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If it were harnessed properly, enough sunlight falls on the earth in one hour to meet world energy needs for a whole day.

We believe the economics of solar power have reached the “no-brainer” point for many homeowners, even without any subsidies or government support. 


Today the federal government provides a 30% tax credit based on the cost of solar system as installed, making solar accessible to even more people.

The installed cost of a solar system from Solar Fort Wayne starts well below $10,000 after the 30% federal tax credit.  These basic systems can offset a substantial portion of a homeowner’s utility bill and can provide a payback period of as little as 7 years. 

Although basic solar systems may often be configured to sell power back to the utility company, they do not rely on an accommodating utility company for cost-effectiveness.  Instead, Solar Fort Wayne’s basic systems aim to offset a home’s “baseload” power consumption from appliances within the home that are always or regularly on. 

At the other end of the spectrum, Solar Fort Wayne offers backup and off-grid systems that are capable of powering an entire house indefinitely.  These systems include a battery bank to store excess energy produced while the sun is shining, which can then be drawn down at night or on cloudy days. Costs for such systems vary depending on the needs and desires of the property owner and the particular characteristics of the property, but generally range from $15,000 up

Payback periods for backup and off-grid systems are longer, but their capabilities are also much greater.  When compared to a gas-fired whole-house generator, for example, a backup or off-grid solar system from Solar Fort Wayne wins big in the medium- to long-term.  And best of all, it never runs out of fuel!

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